About Us

The Trans am Dash Bezel Restoration Business has evolved from a hobby endeavor began with the purchase and restoration of a 1976 Anniversary Edition Trans am in 2004 into a business venture that produced sales of over 1200 restored Trans am dash bezels over the course of the last 12  years. In 2016, over 400 inquiries were received for the service that resulted in over 300 follow-ups with sales and restorations of the bezels through the inquiries. The business has been operated primarily through word of mouth that has spread through inquiries from Ebay auctions, various Trans am forum correspondence and past customer referrals.

The Trans am dash bezel restoration service is operated through two shops located in Milan, Indiana at a home residence. A full size garage bay is utilized for the prep process on the bezels and includes a paint booth set up specifically for the tinting of the restored bezels. The second shop is set up specifically for the machining (engine turning) of the bezels and shipping of the completed projects. With both shops operating, the service is able to fully restore 10 to 12 Trans am dash bezels a week. This includes full prep of the bezels, machining of the new swirl pattern, reassembly and shipping. A complete bezel project from start to finish takes a minimum of four uninterrupted hours due to the challenges of the labor-intensive process.

We did the steering wheel and dash bezel for this special Smokey and the Bandit Trans am!