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The bezel is the marquee interior part for the Special Edition Trans ams and is not available as an aftermarket part. The silver dash bezels that were standard in all non SE Trans ams are also not available through our aftermarket suppliers. The only option available for the Trans am enthusiast who wants their interior to stand out is to have their original dash bezel restored to the original new condition. This is the service that we have to offer to the Trans am community.

Originally painted with a laquer finish, all original Trans am dash bezels suffer a similar fate. The gold special Special Edition bezels had a tendency for the gold to bronze and eventually fade away. The clear coated silver dash bezels would yellow and eventually the clear would fade as well. This left the aluminum dash bezels exposed to oxidizing, fading, and pitting with age and exposure to the elements. The only solution is to put the bezels through a complete restoration process that removes all of the effects of age and exposure. The extensive preparation process prepares the bezel for the remachining/engine turning of the original distinctive swirl pattern back into the restored aluminum plate. While tedious, through the work done on over 2000+ of these bezels over the years, we can do this for the Trans am owner efficiently and can provide a show quality product. The product that we produce is a direct result of feedback from the Trans am community and has been substantiated through the use of these restored bezels on the National show level.

Check out the bezel in this video….We did the restore!!!

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