Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How does the restored bezel compare to an original bezel?

The template used for the swirl pattern was developed from an original dash bezel. The swirls are the same size and are arranged in the same pattern horizontally and vertically from that original dash bezel. It should be noted that there are several patterns out there on original dash bezels that vary slightly in terms of their horizontal and vertical spacing. The template I use is the most common that I have seen in the original bezels.

2. I have inquired with several machinists regarding getting this done to my bezel, but they all tell me it cannot be done due to the raised ridges and uneven surface of the bezel. How do you machine the entire bezel given those areas?

The bezels were originally machined (swirled) as flat pieces that were then pressed out with their given shape and gauge openings. Through years of practice, I have developed an approach that allows me to get those challenge areas machined as close to original in appearance as possible.

3. Can a silver original bezel be changed to an gold/SE version?

Yes, the gold and silver bezels are the same in terms of the aluminum plate. The gold bezels were tinted with a laquer gold tint while the silver bezels were covered with a clear coat. To change a silver bezel to a gold one only requires the removal of the original clear coat and application of a new gold tint.

4. Weren’t the gold bezels anodized?

No, the gold bezels were tinted with a laquer finish that tended to bronze and eventually faded away with exposure to the elements. The steering wheels, however, were originally anodized.

5. What is the turnaround time if I send in my bezel to be restored?

I work with the TA owner on the turnaround time and it is mutually agreed upon. I make every effort to meet the turnaround time, but I will not rush through a job. The process is too tedious to rush. A complete restoration job on a dash bezel takes a minimum of four to five hours depending on the initial condition of the bezel.

6. How do you put the swirl pattern back into the bezel?

The swirl pattern is applied with an abrasive cylinder. The key to consistency in the swirl pattern is maintaining the integrity of the abrasive through the entire machining/engine turning process.

7. What are the differences between the Trans am dash bezels? I see them advertised as being good for the 70-81 Trans am applications, is this true?

No, there are over 30 different types of Trans am dash bezels. Differences range from the appearance of the “Lights, Wiper, Wash” sign area to the placement of the bird emblem on a non-AC application bezel. There are also differences in the presence or absence of the Radial Tuned Suspension emblem, the size of the opening underneath the “Lights, Wiper, Wash” sign and the color of the outer trim. Some bezels had chrome trim rings initially and some had a wood grain sticker over the metal bezel plate. Contact me directly if you have a specific question about your application.

8. I have some bezels that I am not using. Can I apply them for credit towards the total cost of a bezel restoration?

Yes, I give a $25 credit towards the cost of a restoration for an equipped, restorable bezel. You just need to designate which bezel you want back in new condition.

9. My bezel has some pieces/parts missing (emblem, rings, etc.), do you have some of those parts that can be added?

If I have a part or parts available to replace those missing, I will replace them. I have accumulated several miscellaneous parts over the years that I can use to help fill out bezel restoration jobs. Communicate that before hand and if I can replace the missing pieces I will. If I do not have the parts in my inventory, I can help you locate them.

10. My Radial Tuned Suspension emblem is missing or faded, what do you do about that?

I provide a new Radial Tuned Suspension emblem if needed with each restoration at no additional charge.

11. I got my bezel back and I think there is something that is not correct, what is done in that situation?

See my two part guarantee, we will work together until your expectations are met.