Description of Services

Over 428,000 Pontiac Trans ams were built between the years 1970-1981. Every one of these Trans ams plus a few other select models from the Pontiac Firebird line had interiors that were uniquely accented with an engine turned aluminum dash bezel. Over the years these dash bezels have been exposed to the elements and as a result are worn, oxidized, rusted, faded and pitted. The dash bezels are one of the most important interior pieces that set the Trans am apart from other muscle cars of that era. These bezels are not available as aftermarket reproductions and NOS bezels are non-existent. There is a high demand market for a business that can restore this important interior part to its original quality.

Trans am Dash Bezels Only offers to the Trans am community the service to restore original worn dash bezels back to their original high quality.  The bezels can be restored back to their original silver (clear coated) and/or gold tinted for the Special Edition Trans ams.  This process is beneficial to the Trans am owner for a variety of reasons including:

1.   The Trans am owner can keep their Trans am original.
2.   By using an original dash bezel, it insures the proper fit of the bezel in the dash.
3.   We are able to also restore the lower right option plate and heater/AC plate (if
Applicable) so all of the bezel components are back to original quality.
4.   The service can be offered for a considerably lower price for the Trans am owner as opposed to trying to locate and purchase a NOS dash bezel.

The restoration process is labor intensive and involves a seven step process that is
outlined below:

Step 1:  Complete disassembly of the bezel
Step 2:  Sand out all imperfections in the dash bezel using a five-step process (repeated as necessary to insure that all imperfections have been removed from the service)
Step 3:  The bezel is buffed to a mirror shine using a two-step process.
Step 4:  The swirled pattern in the bezel is then machined back into the plate using the same swirl size and hortizontal and vertical arrangement.  (Laser guide drill press using an abrasive cylinder)
Step 5:  Bezel plate is either clear coated (silver) or tinted (special edition gold)

*Gold is a reduced enamel with a high gloss hardener specially formulated specifically for this application.  The Special Edition bezels were originally tinted with a laquer that would darken/bronze with age and would eventually fade completely from the bezel surface.

Step 6:  The top plate is stripped, primed and painted in the correct black color and the outer trim piece is either painted or cleaned depending on the application.
Step 7:  The bezel is completely reassembled.  (A new Radial Tuned Suspension emblem can be added if needed as part of the process)

A compliment service that is available for customers involves the aluminum machined shift plate insert that some Trans am models came with standard.  Also, in some cases, Trans am owners decide to add this interior accent piece as part of their restorations due to the appearance improvement they can add to their interiors.  The aftermarket parts available are inaccurate in appearance (swirl size and arrangement).  We can take a blank shift plate insert, machine it to match, and can clear coat or gold tint the piece to original specifications.

In 2017, the Special Edition Class Winners at the Trans am Nationals Car Show in Dayton, Ohio had our restored bezels in their interiors!