Pricing & Shipping Guide

It is important to remember that all payments for restoration services performed by Trans Am Dash Bezels are due after the work is performed and before the restored parts are shipped back to you.   Below you will find the individual restoration prices, discount offers, where to ship your parts to be restored and tips on how to package them for safe shipping.

Pricing Information
*All prices include return shipping to lower 48 states
(Alaska, Hawaii and International Customers contact us directly for shipping costs)

Complete Dash Bezel Restoration/Gold or Silver –  $175
* This includes complete disassembly of the Bezel, Sand out all imperfections, Buff/Polish to a mirror shine, new swirl pattern, new gold/clear, reassembly, service on lower right plate and shipping included.

Shift plate Restoration/Gold or Silver  –  $30 (Includes return shipping to lower 48)

*Many of these original pieces are restorable. If the part is in non-restorable condition, a complete new shift plate can be purchased for $60. I prepare new core shift plates by machining in the correct swirl pattern and then adding new gold/clear coat.

Restoration Service Discounts
Do-It-Yourself discount(save $40)
*You prefer to take care of the trim, top plate, disassembly and reassembly meaning you send only the bezel and lower right plate.

Core trade-in discount( save $25)
*I will give $25 credit towards a complete restoration for complete bezel cores sent in with your original bezel. Just package up the extra cores with the one you want restored. When the job is complete, the invoice will include the correct credits towards the total cost.

Multi Service discountContact Us for Discount Rate on Multiples

Shipping Information
Shipping/Contact Information:
Trans Am Dash Bezels Only
4678 East County Road 300 North
Milan, IN 47031
812-890-9968  (call or text message)

*Note:  We make every effort to return phone calls or text messages as quickly as possible, we teach and coach by day here in Indiana so there will be times when contact may not be made until the evening or weekends

1. Pack and ship the bezel to the above address. Use your own preferred carrier, I will return ship USPS Priority Mail unless a specified preferred carrier is required by you.
2. Upon reception of the bezel, it will be inspected and the course of action will be communicated to you.
3. During the job, I will keep you updated by providing photos of progress.
4. Upon completion of the project, photos will be sent along with a paypal invoice and tracking number. (you can pay via personal check or money order if preferred, bezel will be shipped upon reception of payment)

Packaging Information
Shipping to Trans am Dash Bezels Only:
1. Wrap the bezel in a single layer of bubble wrap. (Image)
2. Cut two cardboard strips slightly longer than the dash bezel in terms of length (approximately 36” to 40”)
3. Put one cardboard strip on the front of the bezel and one on the back. Using masking or packing tape, wrap the bezel with the cardboard strips. (image)
4. Bend the ends of the cardboard strips around the ends of the bezel to protect the corners. (image)
5. Place in an adequate sized box and place packing material around the wrapped bezel to insure a tight fit.
6. Your approximate shipping weight should be between 3 to 4 lbs.