Start the Process

The process for getting your dash bezel, shifter bezel, steering wheel or custom item restored is very simple. 

Step 1 – Contact Us with the work you need completed.  Please include any discounts you will be using.
Step 2 – Send Us your part(s) to be restored.
Step 3 – Pay when the items are ready.

*Payment is made after services are rendered.
*For packing and shipping, see the page “Pricing & Shipping Guide”.

Our Shipping/Contact Information:
Trans Am Dash Bezels Only
4678 East County Road 300 North
Milan, IN 47031


Use the form below to contact us regarding your needs.  Please allow 2days or 48 hours for a response.  If you do not hear from us please feel free to call the number above this section.

Thank you for your interest regarding our restoration services. Please fill out the below information and we will contact you with the appropriate information to start the process.

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